n-Octane CAS 111-65-9

Nom de la substance n-Octane No index 601-009-00-8 Numro d'enregistrement (REACH) 01-2119463939-19-xxxx Numro CE 203-892-1 Numro CAS 111-65-9 Formule molculaire C₈H₁₈ Masse molaire 114 2 g/mol RUBRIQUE 4: Premiers secours 4 1 Description des premiers secours Notes gnrales Enlever les vtements contamins Aprs inhalation Description n-Octane 98% Chemical Formula CH 3 (CH 2) 6 CH 3 SDS M0162 Melting Point-56 8 Boiling Point 125 6 Flash Point 13C Formula Weight 114 23 CAS No 111-65-9 NFPA 3-10 Density 0 703 Contact Tedia Full Name * Email * Company Phone Preferred method of contact: Email Phone Message CAPTCHA Email This field is for


Otto Chemie Pvt Ltd a reputed international manufacturer / supplier of n-Octane GR 99%+ 111-65-9 offers for your requirements of research and development quantities or commercials based on status of the product Buy n-Octane GR 99%+ AR / GR 111-65-9 India O 1236 (OTTO) n-Octane GR 99%+ Cas 111-65-9 - used as a solvent fuel and as one of the standard values in octane rating scale

N-Octane CAS NO:111-65-9 Tetrahydrofurfuryl Alcohol (THFA) CAS NO: 97-99-4 Dipropylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate(Glycol Ether DPMA) CAS No 88917-22-0 Diethylene Glycol Mono Ethyl Ether(Glycol ether DE) CAS No 111-90-0 Propylene Glycol Monomethyl Ether Acetate(PMA) CAS

Method DM 471 Standard Mixture 4 - 8 components Category: Organic International Regulations Italian Environmental Regulation Ref Num: F871971 Full Name: Method DM 471 Standard Mixture 4 - 8 components 500ug/ml each of n-Pentane [CAS:109-66-0] n-Hexane [CAS:110-54-3] n-Heptane [CAS:142-82-5] n-Octane [CAS:111-65-9] n-Nonane [CAS:111-84-2] n-Decane [CAS:124-18-5]

n-Octane (CAS 111-65-9) PEL 2350 mg/m3 500 ppm n-Pentane (CAS 109-66-0) PEL 2950 mg/m3 1000 ppm US ACGIH Threshold Limit Values Components Type Value n-Hexane (CAS 110-54-3) TWA 50 ppm n-Octane (CAS 111-65-9) TWA 300 ppm n-Pentane (CAS 109-66-0) TWA 1000 ppm US NIOSH: Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards

Method DM 471 Standard Mixture 4 - 8 components Category: Organic International Regulations Italian Environmental Regulation Ref Num: F871971 Full Name: Method DM 471 Standard Mixture 4 - 8 components 500ug/ml each of n-Pentane [CAS:109-66-0] n-Hexane [CAS:110-54-3] n-Heptane [CAS:142-82-5] n-Octane [CAS:111-65-9] n-Nonane [CAS:111-84-2] n-Decane [CAS:124-18-5]

Safety Data Sheet

(CAS No) 110-54-3 (EC no) 203-777-6 (EC index no) 601-037-00-0 0 02 - 0 1 Flam Liq 2 H225 Repr 2 H361f Asp Tox 1 H304 STOT RE 2 H373 Skin Irrit 2 H315 STOT SE 3 H336 Aquatic Chronic 2 H411 octane n-octane (CAS No) 111-65-9 (EC no) 203-892-1 (EC index no) 601-009-00-8 0 01 - 0 03 Flam Liq 2 H225 Asp Tox 1 H304 Skin Irrit 2 H315

N-Octane price Product name:N-Octane CAS: 111-65-9 Molecular Formula: C8H18 Molecular Weight: 114 23 Product description:Colorless transparent liquid Insoluble in water soluble in ethanol ethyl ether benzene acetone and most organic solvents Mainly used as solvent gasoline gasoline components used in industry Other used for printing ink solvent diluent butyl rubber coating solvent in

Octane - CAS # 111-65-9 Information provided on Octane (111-65-9) is for reference only and is subject to change There is no warranty of accuracy or completeness of any information contained herein ALS Environmental does not sell chemicals but offers analytical lab testing to determine the presence of various elements and chemical compounds

CAS 111-65-9: Octan n-Octan: Octane n-Octane Bemerkung fr Schulen: Beim Schlucken der Flssigkeit besteht akute Lebensgefahr vor allem wenn sie in die Lunge kommt da die Atmung blockiert wird Beim Arbeiten sind Schutzbrille Schutzkittel und Schutzhandschuhe aus Nitrilkautschuk erforderlich CAS-Nummer: 111-65-9: 540-84-1

30-12-2010Introduction n-Octane (CAS 111-65-9) is an aliphatic hydrocarbon that along with other such compounds including decane hexane and nonane is used as a solvent in organic synthesis and azeotropic distillations n-In Korea as elsewhere n-octane is a particularly important chemical in the petroleum rubber and paper processing industries []

CAS Number: 111-65-9 UN Number: UN1262 Hazard Class: 3 Packing Group: II Harmonized Tariff Code: 2901 10 Hazard Statements: H225-H304-H315-H336 Highly flammable liquid and vapour May be fatal if swallowed and enters airways Causes skin irritation May cause drowsiness or dizziness Precautionary Statements: P210-P261-P301+P310-P303+P361

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CAS 111-65-9 n-octane CAS 109-79-5 n-butyl mercaptan CAS 112-55-0 n-dodecyl mercaptan CAS 104-51-8 n-butylbenzene CAS 3698-89-3 n-dodecyl methyl sul CAS 74-93-1 methyl mercaptan CAS 1634-04-4 Methyl tert-Butyl Et CAS 2935-90-2 methyl 3-mercaptopro CAS 75-33-2 isopropyl


cas registry number : 111-65-9 last updated : 199712 data items cited : 36 molecular formula : c8-h18 molecular weight : 114 26 wiswesser line notation : 8h health hazard data acute toxicity data type of test : lc50 - lethal concentration 50 percent kill route of exposure : inhalation species observed : rodent - rat dose/duration : 118 gm/m3

L'octane est un hydrocarbure satur de la famille des alcanes de formule brute C 8 H 18 Il a dix-huit isomres Ces diverses molcules comportent toutes huit [en grec ὀκτώ (octố) huit] atomes de carbone Utilisation C'est le principal compos de l'essence et est la molcule de rfrence de la raction de combustion des moteurs essence

[111-65-9] n-Octane 50 mg/l [7194-85-6] n-Octatriacontane 50 mg/l [4181-95-7] n-Tetracontane 50 mg/l [646-31-1] n-Tetracosane 50 mg/l [629-59-4] n-Tetradecane 50 mg/l [14167-59-0] n-Tetratriacontane 50 mg/l [638-68-6] n-Triacontane 50 mg/l [95-47-6] o-Xylene 50 ug/ml [106-42-3] p-Xylene 50 ug/ml [108-88-3] Toluene 50 ug/ml [109-66-0] n-Pentane

CAS Registry Number: 111-65-9 Chemical structure: This structure is also available as a 2d Mol file or as a computed 3d SD file The 3d structure may be viewed using Java or Javascript Isotopologues: Octane-d18-Octane-1 2 3 4 5 6-d13 Octane-1 2 3 4-d9 Octane-1 2-d5 Other names: n-Octane n-C8H18 Oktan Oktanen Ottani UN 1262 Permanent

per uoro-n-octane+n-octane were measured using a synthetic method turbidimetry at the vapor pressure of mixture The n-octane (CAS No 111-65-9) was acquired from Fluka (purity 99 5wt%) The selected substituted per uoro-n-octanes were 1Br-per uoro -n-octane (CAS No 423-55-2) 1H-per uoro-n-octane

CAS: 100-41-4 Index: 601-023-00-4 1-3F R11 Xn R20 Flam Liq 2 H225 Acute Tox 4 H332 [1] [2] N-OCTANE CAS: 111-65-9 0 25-1F R11 Xn R65 Xi R38 R67 N R50/53 Skin Irrit 2 H315 STOT SE 3 H336 Asp Tox 1 H304 Aquatic Acute 1 H400 Aquatic Chronic 1 H410 [1] nafta (petroleum) vtebehandlad ltt : Nota(s) P EC: 265-151-9 CAS: 64742

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