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30-1-2018What a poor unfortunate soul The Ursula animatronic on the Little Mermaid ride at the Disney California Adventure theme park literally lost its head on Sunday The figure continued to move and sing with its head dangling: Click here to view the Tweet This 4-3-2015I was hoping to make more progress with the microsquirt Sunday but ended up being kind of a lost day Since my parents are gracious enough to tolerate the car and it's associated junk taking up their space I try to make sure that it's not hogging up one of the garage bays

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A blog for all Last Story related things Sakaguchi related things Square Enix/ Mistwalker/ Monolith related things and the fans of those things stated above I will sometimes post things UN-related COMPLETELY to the things stated above so don't have a heart attack :P If you aren't familiar with the Last Story I'll set it up for you br br -It's a brand new game from the daddy of Final

lost images 415 444 lost stock photos vectors and illustrations are available royalty-free See lost stock video clips of 4 155 kid bed person unsure kid in grief child sleeping kids using media kids chat road 2 paths man sitting wall travel hipster digital relations Try these curated collections

Images: i ii iii iv v vi vii viii ix x) the vintage serif typeface Organically (2011) Transitore (2011: Transitore is a lively hand-drawn font with loads of alternates and ligatures which managed by advanced OpenType features help create a convincing handcrafted look) the poster display typeface Sforzando (2011 +Alto) the signage typeface Jongleur (2011)

WSOP Main Event: Day 1C Chip Count Updates Update as of 2:00am Level 6(selected chip counts are approximate and not official)John Carlson $106 375John Armbrust $86 000Dmitri dinodapro Nobles $82 000Brian Hansen $76 000Jeff Banghart $73 000ElkY $65 000Dario Minieri $62 300Lindell bulld0g4life Coker $60 000Dan Heimiller $57 000Manelic Minaya $55 000Lee Thomas

Remi Dave Christian Alex unLocke: all of these characters' images appear to seemingly aid Esau's agenda I really liked TheMagician's interpretation of Dave's influence on Hurley Remi helped move Eko towards his death Christian told Locke that he had to die (so that Esau could control him as unLocke) and Alex made Ben become subservient to unLocke

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Lost in the ocean Young businesswoman looking through a spyglass lost on a island in the middle of the ocean searh for help Night storm scene with lightnings Lost love Lost dry rose laying on the ground symbolising lost love or breaking up closeup with focus on bud Little with lost baby tooth A beautiful Caucasian little showing the exciting moment of her first lost baby

24-5-2007ok I swear to god this thread has something to do with christmas no seriously not like my halloween thread which had nothing to do with halloween just me owning kassius ok let me explain THIS THREAD HAS SOMETHING TO DO WITH CHRISTMAS I SWEAR ok so on Lost (yes this thread is about Lost fuck you) the plane Oceanic Flight 815 crashed onto the island on September 22 2004 ok

Original photo can be found here Via Cupcakes Take the Cake What: The Eulenspiegel Society's Cupcakes and Corsets When: Saturday July 17 2010 10PM-3AM Where: Paddles (NSFW Link) 250 W26 st (Basement) Cost: $25 for TES members $35 for everyone else 21 and over no photography permitted Visit the TES website for more info (possibly NSFW) From the site:

Good news everyone! You'll be making a delivery to According to my calculations we have less than twenty weeks between here and the release of the Ender's Game movie (release dates vary a lot by country) and I would like to wrap this up by then Since we've got 227 pages to go I can either start doing double-length posts (which would require a base camp to even attempt to read) or I can go

10-1-2009If Lost fans are able to come together and agree on just this one thing then world peace is surely possible The last issue I want to bring up about Faraday is that judging from the opening scene of the episode it looks like he's either been time-jumping without the rest of the group or has been able to break away from them for extended periods of time in order to sneak around with the

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24-2-2010the JoshMeister and fellow LOST fans discuss Season 6 Episode 5 Lighthouse Reminder: Please donate if you can afford it I don't intend to make a profit from donations but I'm asking for donations to help pay for getting LOST on TV so I can continue doing the live show this season Notes from The Official LOST Podcast:

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Well mac I know for me I found the Lost blog in season 4 My best friend who introduced me to Lost in the summer between seasons 3 and 4 tells me i should read these keypoints and he says it helps me understand each episode and i remember him saying yeah that guys fucking crazy he like puts up the keypoints like an hour after the episode i think he just reads spoilers lmao so i was like

27-1-2017When he lost the game he received a blushing crow There's a saying 'It never pains but it roars ' I don't like to eat parrots and keys a half-wormed fish (a half-formed wish) our queer old deen (our dear old queen) tons of soil (sons of toil) tease my ears (ease my tears) belly jeans (jelly beans) flow with the go (go with flow)

Lost Forum premier forum francophone sur la srie tlvise Lost depuis 2004 ! Le forum du site Lost Island LE site francophone non-officiel sur la srie LOST Depuis 2004 retrouvez news spoilers interviews exclusives dossiers galeries d'images vidos les plus belles crations de fans sur Lost la srie phnomne et plus encore

It's not that the out-of-pocket health costs were expensive but the lost income from not being able to work made it hard for Bob to pay existing bills A donation drive among friends was done to help Bob out along with more direct donations but even small things like buying a few day's worth of groceries and filling up the gas tank was a big help to him

But then after a while you find out all the poop and barking doesn't matter when he loves you just the same no matter what stupid mistakes you've made Then you realize you didn't know how much it would hurt when you lost him Then you get a free Frogurt from the vet But then the Frogurt contains potassium benzoate (That's bad )

30-1-2018What a poor unfortunate soul The Ursula animatronic on the Little Mermaid ride at the Disney California Adventure theme park literally lost its head on Sunday The figure continued to move and sing with its head dangling: Click here to view the Tweet This

Lost retorna aps quase 9 meses de abstinncia O primeiro episdio da quinta temporada Because You Left nos trs vrios detalhes e vrias cenas interessantes de serem observadas Selecionamos algumas delas pra vocs: - Numbers: Como sempre eles estiveram presentes em mais uma cena de abertura de temporada dessa vez os vimos no relgio do Dr Chang

He hurries up to make sure he doesn't lose her but he bumps into a man Neil Frogurt They both stop and glare at each other NEIL: Watch it! Darien then turns around again and continues to chase the woman When he eventually gets out of the busy crowd he looks around for the woman but he has lost her End of flashback

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