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Cas Reflection Form Samples Uploaded by Ahmet Ozturk IB Biology IA: Enzymes and Inhibition Uploaded by Momina Amjad Rationale Written Task IB english language and literature example Uploaded by supergirl123 BM IA SIDDHI MODI Uploaded by Akshat Chaturvedi IB Business IA Final Uploaded by Mai Nguyen Example IB English Commentary Uploaded by IB Screwed IB CAS Overview Students must reflect and provide evidence of achieving the 7 CAS learning objectives as a requirement of the IB Diploma Individual CAS projects must each span a MINIMUM of 1 month The entire CAS portfolio must cover a time span of 18 consecutive months to successfully satisfy the IB Diploma requirements

CAS portfolio

a CAS Summative Reflection Form that describes your participation in the CAS program including: 1) personal development 2) benefits to others 3) how you have achieved each of the eight required learning outcomes using specific examples from your personal CAS experience Your CAS Portfolio will: be presented in a business like fashion be in booklet form be bound with a clear plastic front

IB Diploma: Creativity Activity Service (CAS) for the IB Written by a team of experienced CAS Coordinators from the three IB regions the first edition of CAS - An essential guide for students is tailored to meet the requirements for first teaching September 2015 This course book is accessible and practical for students offering advice and guidance on how to select a suitable CAS activity

CAS documents CAS Handbook- updated 2019 Class of 2020 CAS Experience report class of 2020 C AS Reflection form class of 2020 Class of 2021 C AS Reflection form class of 2021 CAS Experience Report class of 2021 Exam paperwork External exam registration paperwork 2019-20 exam schedule For Diploma Candidates Earning the IB Diploma

Investigating - look into the idea of your project uncover the facts and get important questions answered Planning - set up a timeline and determine what is going to happen and when! Taking Action - make it happen Reflection - look back on the process!Some of the most important learning takes place look back at what we have done Demonstration - show us what you learned!

The Reflection Workshops that I designed introduce students to this often confusing aspect of the CAS Program Due to the success of this trip I was requested to help organize and coordinate a Sixth Form Academic Excursion that focused on preparing students for the all round IB experience with workshops in Extended Essay and Theory of Knowledge skills the University Applications process CAS

IB Tools Clubs : Volunteer Opportunities

IB Tools Clubs : Volunteer Opportunities : SHARE Charlotte: Volunteering ideas for your Target Learning Outcomes SHARE Charlotte is a one-stop shop to engage with 400+ local nonprofits On sharecharlotte choose "Volunteer" and you can filter down to find the causes and opportunities that matter to you Once you click on an opportunity it connects you directly with the nonprofit to

Reflection should occur as soon as possible following the event to be contemporaneous and meaningful even though the impact may occur a significant time after undertaking CPD This tool can be used to help personal reflection on all types of CPD activities Please refer to the RCR's CPD Scheme for guidance on the number of CPD points that can be claimed in respect of reflective learning A

CAS COMPONENT OF IB DIPLOMA (INCLUDE BOTH EXPERIENCES AND PROJECTS) FINAL SUMMARY FORM (please submit this form along withthe three CAS Experience Self-EvaluationForms and CAS: Project Self-Evaluation Form immediately after Spring Break of your Senior Year) Candidate Name: Indicate below the CAS experiences and projects in which you have been involved and

CAS activities are usually real and purposeful with significant outcomes extending the student while involving planning reviewing progress reporting and reflection on outcomes and personal learning International dimensions CAS activities are seen in a broader context bearing in mind the maxim "Think globally act locally" Working

Attach a type written REFLECTION STATEMENT of a minimum of a paragraph Describe the activity and identify a learning outcome and how you accomplished it If you choose to address more than one learning outcome write additional paragraphs for each one Use a subtitle for each learning outcome Scrap books journals websites blogs photos etc may be included as well IB CAS Title: CAS

Students at GDWGS have always learnt that education is not just about getting good grades but also about striking a balance with co-curricular and taking interest in our holistic development From 10th to 11th December 2011 81 IB senior students along with 8 accompanying teachers went for the overnight CAS Trip to Camp Wild Dhauj Between ascending unfamiliar rocky terrains rappelling

form is required for each activity even if the services provided are on multiple days (Cuauhuihuiyohqueh activities do not require a proposal form However they do require the reflection component SEE BACK ) Part 1 Briefly describe: -the service provided to your community (who where what) -why you chose this activity

CAS project form Artifacts CAS Hours Students complete 8 – 10 CAS hours per month with a reasonable balance between the three strands Hours are due the first of the month Example: October hours are due on November 1st 8th hour teachers enter grades for hours CAS Hours Turn in hours via a google form on CHMSIB Students will keep the forms in a folder in their CAS portfolio CAS


From now on I'll be bloging about my Extended Essay Today with the help of our school we had a workshop with Andrew Watson who has been working on IB for many years In the workshop I have decided my final research question which is "How does the American Dream influenced the main character Chris

Generally CAS is not taking place when the student is in a passive rather than active role There should be interaction If the student is passive nothing of real value either for the student or for other people results from what the student is doing and no real reflection is possible In such circumstances the student will be able to meet the objectives of CAS only to a very limited

IB/CAS Proposal Form (action) CHOITHRAM INTERNATIONAL Candidate Name: Dimple Takhtani Activity/project: Basketball Targeted Learning Outcomes: The targets that I hope to achieve while playing basketball are: improving my overall skills such as: become faster have good ball control better shooting passing and team playing Brief description of the activity/project: I will play with the

a CAS Summative Reflection Form that describes your participation in the CAS program including: 1) personal development 2) benefits to others 3) how you have achieved each of the eight required learning outcomes using specific examples from your personal CAS experience Your CAS Portfolio will: be presented in a business like fashion be in booklet form be bound with a clear plastic front

IB CAS Log Sheet Candidate name: _____Year of Graduation _____ Directions: This particulate form is not required by IB but IB does require that you show evidence of participation of your CAS activities You can replace this sheet with other forms of documentation to verify your CAS activities Some examples

A CAS programme is therefore individualized according to student interests skills values and background Successful completion of CAS is a requirement for the award of the IB Diploma While not formally assessed students reflect on their CAS experiences and provide evidence in their CAS portfolios of achieving the seven learning outcomes


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